golden vesper hours...

Asos tshirt and rings, H&M booties, Zara pants, Topshop bag
we took these blog pics near my new place on a sunny evening right before it got dark. the apartment blocks had really interesting tiled porches and brick walls... these harem pants are the comfiest ones i own. the navy blue and mustard print give it a soft look. i also like the way they scrunch up at the bottom. i contrasted the harems with a white tee. plain loose fit tshirts are so convenient, they go with everything. the one im wearing is a roll sleeve boyfriend tee. i ordered a bunch in different colours after i bought the first one. they're basic, but can be worn off the shoulder which makes it look simple but chic. i'm still digging the colour tan that i totally abused last season. its just so pretty. which is why i wound up buying this triangle lock satchel as soon as i laid my eyes on it. i prefer holding it as a purse more though ... xx

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byMelody said...

very cute look! :)

x Melody